Create a home that supports the life you want to live.


If you are the main person in your household that has taken responsibility for the tidiness and cleaning, then you my friend, are going to be the one most affected by the clutter. 

Do your counters have stuff piled upon stuff, and that stuff seems to attract more stuff?

Do your cabinets and closets have items stuffed in haphazardly? So much so, that if you were to open one you might have something fly out at your head? #notapoltergeist #juststuffed

Do you find yourself not finding what you’re looking for and even replacing items, only to come home and find three extra in your house (in places you SWORE you looked). #stillnotapoltergeist

Do you have a catch-all space that items go when you need to do a quick tidy before you have last minute company coming over?

You feel like nothing fills you up and you’re consumed by all things home and family. Maybe you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day for self-care. Heck, there aren’t enough hours for all of your responsibilities. You are barely keeping your head above water.

You’re tired – it could be because of lack of sleep, but mostly it’s because you are unfulfilled.

You never get your cup filled up and you’re always trying to fill everyone else’s.

Really, you don’t need to (or want to) live out of a backpack with only a hundred items.

You simply want a comfortable home, but you don’t want clutter.

If you are feeling worn out and frustrated by your home, I am here to offer you a solution.

Cozy Minimalism is first and foremost about the minimalist lifestyle, not a decorating style.

The journey focuses on how to live with your level of enough, and how to remove clutter in layers so that you don’t regret letting go of anything.

It’s about learning to cultivate your things, so you use what you already own and love before buying new things. 

Cozy Minimalism is about styling your home in layers so you can stop when it’s just right.

Using intentional styling and decorating with only your favorite elements, you can create a warm and welcoming home.

This is deeper than “just” decorating. It is about creating a home that feels good, rather than one that just looks good.

Cozy Minimalism is about curating a home that you can relax, unwind and recharge in after a crazy day “out there”.

Minimalism doesn't have to feel cold. Cozy doesn't have to feel cluttered.

Create a home that fills you up and welcomes you to relax, unwind and recharge.

Imagine getting to wake up in the morning – refreshed. You are able to savor a cup of coffee in silence as you watch the sunrise.

Being able to spend moments in your home that are truly inspiring, deeply relaxing and fully slowed down.

Imagine knowing what you own and why you own it. Now imagine that you know where everything is.

Imagine no longer wasting money buying duplicates or other things you really don’t need.

There is still stuff to do – but you aren’t in a panic to do them and housework is basically on autopilot.

Your life feels so much more enriched because you are no longer tangled up with excess things, to-do’s or responsibilities.

You’ve moved from survival mode into thriving and it feels great

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Angie Kikstra, founder of Cozy Minimalism

In 2014 I began my career as a real estate stager and professional organizer, I felt it was expected that my home be well decorated and organized. After all, I was the professional. 


So I bought all the things.


I have always struggled with too much stuff. I thought more organization was the answer to my issue, rather than less stuff. So I continued to buy totes, bins, baskets and other supplies to organize all of our stuff.


I clearly remember when I had my lightbulb moment working with a client.

During a color consultation, she asked me to quote her on organizing services for her clothes. Then she showed me the stuffed closet, not only in her main bedroom, but in the guest room and the utility room.

I asked if she would be willing to let go of some items so we could fit them into one space, and she did not want to.

I ended up declining the organizing job.

It was that client that helped me see that maybe I didn’t have an organizational problem, I totally had a stuff problem. 


Little by little, I cleared the clutter and freed myself to live the life I had always wanted.

Now I help other women do the same because, over the years of working with others (as well as my own) stuff, I have come up with the Cozy Minimalist Way a blueprint for a happier home.

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