Cozy Doesn't Have To Feel cluttered.

minimalism doesn't have to feel cold.

Cozy doesn’t have to feel cluttered.

Minimalism doesn’t have to feel cold.

Dear Budding Cozy Minimalist,

Most people confuse the minimalist lifestyle with a decorating or design style. I need to make the important distinction here, right off the bat… Cozy Minimalism is all about the lifestyle and with that, we can create a home in any design style

Do you want a boho styled home without it feeling too cluttered? We can give you that with Cozy Minimalism! 

Do you have a lovely curated collection of antique furniture that you want to highlight in your home? That’s perfect for Cozy Minimalism.

I believe your home decorating style is as unique to you as your personality is when curating a cozy minimalist home!

I have hosted The Cozy Minimalism Podcast since 2017 where we devoured everything cozy minimalist home.

Another important difference is Cozy Minimalism isn’t just about how your home looks.

It’s really about how your home feels.

Years ago, I was a successful real estate stager in our local area. I was tasked by Realtor’s to go into home and make them market ready. I really was their secret weapon that allowed them to be able to get buyers that fell in love with houses.

It was creating emotional connections with a house so they could see themselves in it…. but my superpower wasn’t going out and buying all sorts of brand new items to stage… mine was using what they already owned and loved. 

“Your Home Should Tell The Story Of Who You Are And Be A Collection Of What You Love”

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The Three Domains of Cozy Minimalism


Removing clutter in layers so you avoid overwhelm and regret… 


Making your home more functional and easy to use


Help you define your vision and elements to create a home you love

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