Ditch the Generic Room by Room Decluttering Plans

Let’s deal with the root of the issue, because I want to give you lasting change in your home.

If we figure out where you’re stuck, we can figure out your next step along The Cozy Minimalist Way.

But the next step is just the start of it. I can guide you the whole way. I have created the plan.

If you are ready for the full plan, let’s work together!

Let’s get your home working for you, friend.


I believe in dealing with issues, not going room by room when becoming a cozy minimalist. 

I can meet you where you are and we can move towards your goal of a clutter-free, calming and “oh so you” home. 

Below are the most common questions I see, but if you want something more specific just message me!

I'm feeling overwhelmed...

Where To Focus:

Not knowing the source of your overwhelm, I’m going to have to give general advice… clear off your nightstand in your bedroom. Remove anything that doesn’t belong there and leave your lamp and charger or alarm clock.

Why It’s Important:

It’s the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before bed. Clearing it off fully will help you in your journey to curating a cozy minimalist home.

I keep buying new things...

My family/spouse isn't on board...

Where To Focus:

Your family needs a Spatial Reset™. Clear off the surfaces in your kitchen or dining room.


It doesn’t have to stay this way, but this is a way you can help yourself and your family get accustomed to fewer things on a surface.

Why It’s Important:

Surfaces are important workspaces in our home and they are usually the most cluttered. To change a main living area this drastically will help reset your family’s threshold for clutter. With this one simple clear out, I have seen packrat hubbies take initiative and clear out their workshop, I’ve seen teenagers start helping out around the house more, and I’ve seen younger kids get excited to help get the rest of the house into shape.

I have all sorts of solutions for family.

I am so busy, I just never have time...

Where To Focus:

I would sit down with you and figure out where you could commit to 10 minutes a day and then quickly seek out items in every area of your home.

Why It’s Important:

If you struggle with finding time, know that we don’t require hours of heavy decluttering sessions. In fact, I discourage that because it leads to burn out. 10 less minutes doing something else (maybe scrolling social media) and giving that time to do something like make your life better at home will be worth it.

I don't want it to feel cold...

Where To Focus:

Focus on uncovering your own level enough by removing clutter in layers and adding cozy in layers. 

Why It’s Important:

I believe that everyone has their own ideal level of “enough”. I help align you and your family on your level, especially if you are stressed with all of the stuff. By removing clutter in layers, you end up regretting less and it doesn’t feel as cold as just doing a full-on “minimal purge”.

If it does, do what I call a “simmer” where you just let the room be at a new level of clutter-free before adding new things.

I worry I'll need to use it in the future...

Where To Focus:

Choose a category that you use often in an area you use regularly… I like to suggest something in the bathroom. Pull everything out and start sorting what you want to keep. Put the “keep” items back into the drawer or cabinet. Put the other items in a box. This box will then be given a timeline for proving it’s usefulness. If you don’t seek out items there, you never really needed them during that extended timeframe.


Why It’s Important:

This solution is two-fold. The first part is you are making a decision on what to keep.

This is a powerful shift.

The second is to put those items in a box so they are out of sight and out of mind. If you specifically need anything, just simply grab it out of the box. If you haven’t used it by your D-Day, then out it goes.